Golden Age

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories
Golden Age

D had always wanted to star in the big screen. The wealthy widow recently produced a series of movies starring herself as the main protagonist, alongside a slew of young handsome hunks. In one of the movies, the 65-year-old (who looked very much her age) played the role of a 18-year-old beauty who is loved and desired by every man. But the story did not end there. The character would later bear a daughter, who grows up to also be the world's most beautiful woman. Guess who starred as the "new" most desirable woman on earth? It was no other than our lovely 65-year-old patron. She actually looked much older than the actress who now played the mother. 

Renting Love

If you could not buy love and happiness, rent them instead. In Asia, where parents are ultimate authorative figures, a new business is thriving. As Asian parents often demand their children getting married before the age of 30, young single men and women with no romantic interest often rent actors to play their girlfriends/boyfriends/fiancees to appease their nosy parents. Independent working women sometimes even hire talent agencies to create fake weddings, using well-trained actors to play the groom as well as attending guests from the groom's side. Actors in this line of work earn a decent living, though many do it as a side job or hobby.  

Super Mother

A group of high school friends reunited after 30 years. Since all of them had become mothers, their conversation centered on motherhood. One lady revealed she bear 12 children in a span of 15 years, and they were all single births. Not to be outdone, another lady told her friends that she had three triplelets in five years. Just when everyone thought this feat could not be surpassed, a lady stood up and claimed she was a mother of 20 children. The stunned friends accepted their defeat. 

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