Garden: Ochna Integerrima - The Golden Flower

Ochna Integerrima 
(Vietnamese: Hoa Mai)

Nickname: The Golden Flower, The Mickey Mouse Flower

Color: Gold/Bold Yellow

Climate: Warm & humid (year-round)

Use: Festive flower

Added to garden: 2008


Ochna Integerrima is a popular Lunar New Year flower, especially in Vietnam. The tree is prominently displayed (in a container) inside homes during the 3-day holiday, adorned with ornaments and red envelopes. There are two types of ochna integerrima -- one with nine petals (rare and hard to cultivate) and the other with five petals (common). The one in our garden is the 5-petal flower. After the flowers fade, they are replaced by small and inedible red fruits that take a flowery shape. In effect, the tree produces two seasons of flowers. This is not the case with the 9-petal tree. 

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