Archives: Mitt Romney is GOP’s best bet against President Obama

Originally published in June 2011
Simon Nguyen

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has officially entered the 2012 GOP presidential race. Among the current crop of Republican candidates, Mitt Romney is seen as the best candidate to compete against President Barack Obama in 2012. In fact, the Real Clear Politics’ average of polls puts the Utah native #1 among the top GOP presidential hopefuls. Romney clearly has many things going for him, including a formidable fundraising machine and a stellar résumé.

To have any chance against President Obama in 2012, the GOP nominee will need to be able to raise an enormous sum of money. Fundraising was one of the key factors that helped compel Obama to the presidency in 2008. According to figures compiled by Open Secrets, the president out-raised his GOP challenger John McCain by 2 to 1. Obama also enjoyed a strong fundraising advantage over Hillary Clinton in the democratic primary.

Mitt Romney is probably the only GOP candidate who could compete with Barack Obama in the fundraising department. Following his defeat to John McCain in the 2008 primary, Romney has quietly building up his election war chest which should give him a head start over his GOP rivals. Also, Romney has proven to be a terrific fundraiser thanks to his close ties to business. The former governor of Massachusetts served as the president of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics and was the co-founder of Bain Capital. Additionally, Romney enjoys a sizable personal fortune, which he could draw from to help finance his presidential campaign.

With the U.S. economic recovery remains on a choppy path, a presidential contender must be comfortable talking about the economy. Mitt Romney’s business background lends him credibility when discussing economic matters. As a former governor and CEO of a big corporation, Romney enjoys a wealth of executive experience especially pertaining to balancing the budget. The issue of the federal deficit will surely come up in the 2012 presidential campaign. Romney should have no problem facing off against the president or any other candidate on this critical issue.

Finally, Mitt Romney is generally viewed as less radical compared to other leading GOP contenders. This should make him more appealing to moderate Republicans and independents—the two key voting blocs the GOP nominee will need to capture to win the general election. All of these factors make Mitt Romney the best GOP candidate for 2012.

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