Archives: Democrats’ use of race card to defend Rice is misplaced

Originally published in November 2012
Simon Nguyen

COMMENTARY | Democrats seem to be masterful at using race and gender to deflect criticisms. Every time Republicans criticize a black, Hispanic or female Democrat, they are immediately being branded as either racist or sexist. In the latest episode, two prominent House Democrats accused GOP criticisms of Ambassador Susan Rice over her role in the Benghazi’s controversy as racist. Their accusations do not measure up however.

If the Republicans were really racially charged as the Democrats claimed, why is it that many of the most prominent minority and female politicians are Republicans? Condoleezza Rice was appointed to the post of Secretary of State by Republican president George W. Bush, with overwhelming GOP support. Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is extremely popular with conservatives. Other notable minority Republicans include Michael Steele, Allen West, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal and Nikki Harley.

Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham, who were the primary targets of Democrats' racial charges, have never disrespected these Republicans because of their race and gender. Sure, there are some extreme elements in the Republican Party, but the same could be said for the Democrats. While the GOP criticisms of Rice may be political, they are not racist or sexist.

Before Democrats attack people with racial charges, they should first look at themselves. They seem to have selectively forgotten the many Joe Biden's racial-insensitive gaffes, including one where he described President Barack Obama as "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean." Moreover, Sarah Palin has been the recipient of vicious personal attacks from the left. Where were the Democrats when some of their own made racist and sexist attacks?

As for the criticisms of Rice, the Obama administration bears the full responsibility for this. Why did you send your U.N. ambassador to five Sunday morning talk shows to comment on this issue? The people who should have done the talking are the National Security Adviser and high-level officials at the CIA and the State Department. The White House put Rice directly in the line of criticisms and is now crying foul for it.

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