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Originally published in November 2009
Simon Nguyen

The Wii game console has become synonymous with family. This is chiefly due to the Wii’s casual nature. Most Wii games currently on the market are party games, designed specifically for group interactions rather than individual play. These games are also geared towards younger demographics. As a matter of fact, less than 5% of all Wii titles are mature rated games. In this article, I will discuss three of the best Wii family games: Wii Sports Resort, New Super Mario Bros, and Wii Fit Plus.

1. Wii Sports Resort

For many Wii owners, Wii Sports was the primary reason why they bought the game console. The game’s well-designed simulation of popular sports like tennis and boxing is the “wow” factor that drives unprecedented sales of the Wii.

Riding on the heel of Wii Sports’ success, Nintendo released Wii Sports Resort--a sequel to the best selling game of all time. Normally, sequels of popular games tend not to match the quality of their predecessors. In the case of Wii Sports Resort, however, conventional wisdom fails to hold. The new game is superior to the original game in every imaginable way. Resort has twice the number of sports, and each sport simulation packs quite a punch in terms of content. For example, golf in Resort includes 21 holes instead of 9. Moreover, one can play Frisbee golf in addition to normal golf. The game also offers several multiplayer options. One can compete either against other players or in a team.

With the addition of Wii Motion Plus (a hardware that enhances the sensitivity of the Wii remote), gameplay in Resort is much more realistic and engaging capturing the thrill of athletic competition as well as giving the players quite a sweat. To sum up, Wii Sports Resort is arguably the best family game on the Wii.

2. New Super Mario Bros 

If you ever played a video game before in your life, you probably have heard of Mario--Nintendo’s famous mascot. Mario first appeared in a 1983 arcade game. Since then, the comical character has turned up in dozens of games and almost all of them are bestsellers. The Nintendo Wii has too seen its share of Mario games namely Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Brawl. The aforementioned games are some of the best Wii games to date. Yet, all of these games significantly diverge from traditional Mario gameplay. This is where New Super Mario Bros, the next installment of the Mario series, truly shines.

New Super Mario Bros for the Wii features masterfully designed levels and worlds, timeless charm of traditional Mario gameplay, and frantic excitement of multiplayer gaming. As a matter of fact, the new Mario game is only the second game in the main series to support multiplayer. All in all, the New Super Mario Bros is without a doubt one of the best games on the Wii. In regards to fans of the original Mario Bros, this game will surely rekindle old memories and offer some nostalgic fun.

3. Wii Fit Plus

Getting in shape is the ultimate goal of most people and their families. This factor has been the driven force behind the enormous popularity of Wii Fit. But Wii Fit is by no means perfect. The software lacks the ability to build & customize exercise routines and has limited choices of activities. Fortunately, these complaints have not gone unheard.

Nintendo recently released a follow-up to the popular Wii Fit called Wii Fit Plus. The new fitness software corrects most of the problems of the original game, while offers more activities and options. Wii Fit Plus includes 15 new games (in addition to the original activities), new advanced options, and better navigation. In short, Wii Fit Plus is the definite game for people who crave for fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

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