What is Advent Season?

Along with Lent, Advent is the most important religious season for Christians (Roman Catholics especially). This religious period usually lasts for four weeks and ends on Christmas Day. The following QA shares insightful facts about the Advent Season and its traditions.

1. What is Advent Season?
A: It is a religious period, created to prepare Christians for the annual observance of the Birth of Jesus Christ. 

2. When does Advent Season start?
A: For Catholics, Advent starts December 3 (2017), December 2 (2018), December 1 (2019) and November 29 (2020).

3. How long does each Advent Season last?
A: The length varies according to the year, but the maximum length is 28 days. The event always concludes on Christmas Eve.

4. How is Advent Season observed?
A: As this is meant to spiritually prepare Christians for Christmas, people mark the Advent Season with personal penance, special prayers and fasting. 

5. What is an Advent wreath? 
A: An Advent wreath symbolizes this special season. The wreath is made up of evergreen (life), ribbons (celebration), and candles (truth). 

6. Which color is most associated with the Advent Season?
A: Western Christian churches use purple as the traditional color for this occasion; Eastern churches use red or gold. 

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