Thanksgiving Card Messages

One of the things I enjoy doing in the Thanksgiving season is sending out greeting cards to friends and family. I usually make my own cards or buy ones that do not have pre-printed Thanksgiving messages. This is because I like to personally write messages on the cards. For me, each Thanksgiving card is something ultra special and thus requires a personal touch. The problem with pre-printed Thanksgiving card verses is that they are produced for mass consumption. There are millions of greeting cards with identical messages and verses. Consequently, commercially produced cards are generic and lacking originality. Below are some simple Thanksgiving card messages I have written over the years. Enjoy.

It has been a tough year, but let not dwell in what you did not accomplish. Rather, celebrate the many wonderful things you have achieved. Happy Thanksgiving!

May the seeds of goodness planted by you and your loved ones bear sweet fruits in this season of Thanksgiving.

There are many things to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. The biggest thanks go to God; the next biggest thanks go to people who love fellow human beings.  

Our friendship has only grown since we first became friends many years ago. Let this Thanksgiving be a new marker in our friendship. 

Dear Mom and Dad: I would not have been who I am today if not for your great sacrifices. To this, I am eternally grateful. 

There is nothing I could do to repay what you have done for me but to express my thanks in the most sincere manner: You have my everlasting gratitude. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful!

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