Ghost Stories and Other Strange Tales

In the spirit of Halloween, here is a collection of mini stories about ghosts and the occult for all to enjoy. More stories will be added in the future. 
Divorce Pit

A home in an upscale neighborhood was nicknamed "The Divorce Pit". Every couple that lived in this house got divorced or separated shortly after moving in. Ownership of the 5-bedroom home changed eight times in twenty years! In the pre-Internet era, realtors were able to hide this fact. But in the Internet-era, people can quickly search for the ownership history of the house. A curious journalist decided to investigate this anomaly. After interviewing long-time residents of the neighborhood and digging up old news stories, he learned of a fatal incident that occurred in the house. A man discovered his wife having an affair with an associate. He fatally shot the two people and killed himself afterwards. The string of divorces and ownership changes happened after this event. 

Carrier of the Soul

A white butterfly hanged from the ceiling of N's family home for several days. Despite efforts to chase away the butterfly or at least persuade it to leave, the creature won't leave. After three days, the butterfly suddenly disappeared. That afternoon, the family received news from the Far East that their uncle passed away three days ago. 

Haunted House

On Halloween night, two friends decided to sneak into an abandoned house for a test of courage. As they wandered the mansion, they suddenly heard a loud and scary sound. The two fainted. In their unconscious state, a woman's voice whispered in their ears. When they woke up, the two shared what they heard with each other. Their recollections matched. The youths decided to investigate what they heard, which led to an area in the backyard. They found a human corpse buried in the ground. The discovery helped the police solve a 30-year-old cold case. 

Night Express

An engineer used a two-hour express train to and fro work every day. He almost always boarded the last train for his return trip. Most of the time, there were just him and a man in a business suit. In the two years they rode the same train together, they did not once converse. The man in the business suit was always in a stoic mood, seemingly unwilling to engage. The engineer later moved to a neighborhood near his workplace and won't be taking the train. On his last ride, he decided to exchange niceness with the man in the business suit. The two briefly talked and the engineer took a selfie with him. The man was smiling warmly in the photo. When he got home, the engineer reviewed the selfie again; the man was no longer in the photo. 

Forest of Death

Located at the base of the world’s famous Mount Fuji is a forest called Aokigahara. This forest has many infamous nicknames – Forest of Death, Suicide Forest and Sea of Trees. Suicidal people in Japan love to use this forest as their final resting place. Each year, thousands of Japanese attempt suicide in Aokigahara with hanging being the most popular method. Suicidal survivors claim they were drawn to the forest because of its maze-like layout. This means their loved ones won’t be able to easily locate them in the forest to stop the suicide.

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