Garden - Pitahaya the Dragon Fruit

Pitahaya (also known as Pitaya)

Nickname: Dragon fruit

Scientific name: Hylocereus undatus

Climate: Warm, arid, tropical

Use: edible fruit (raw)

ID: Climbing plant of the cactus family (requires structural support), large flowers, big red fruits

Characteristics: Can survive very hot weather; water occasionally and when necessary; popular in the Americas and Asia

Added to garden: 2014


Pitahaya is one of the most unique fruit plants you will ever see. With large flowers and thick cactus vines, some say the plant shapes like a dragon, hence the nickname "dragon fruit". In a good season, one fairly sized pitahaya can produce dozens of fruits. We received this plant in a pot a few years back. It has now grown into a pretty big tree. The fruits are juicy but not sweet (or sour). From our own experience, they aid digestion and provide good stimulant for skin and hair. Dragon fruit will be featured in our Food series so stay tuned. 

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