Trivia - Juneteenth

This Juneteenth trivia quiz has 12 mulitple-choice questions. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and share these Juneteenth facts with friends and family. 
1. What is Juneteenth?
a) An occasion to celebrate the month of June
b) A holiday to commemorate the end of slavery in the U.S.
c) A summer festival

2. Juneteenth is observed annually on June ______.
a) 14 b) 15 c) 17 d) 19 e) 30

3. The celebration of Juneteenth is believed to have originated from which U.S. state?
a) South Carolina b) Georgia c) Mississippi d) Texas e) Alabama

4. Which U.S. president issued the Emancipation Proclamation that started the process to end slavery?
a) George Washington b) Abraham Lincoln c) Thomas Jefferson d) Lyndon B. Johnson

5. Juneteenth is passionately celebrated by which minority group?
a) Hispanics b) Whites c) Blacks d) Native Americans

6. Is Juneteenth a federal holiday?
a) Yes, it is a national holiday
b) No, it is mostly a state holiday

7. What was the constitutional amendment that formally outlawed slavery?
a) The 13th b) The 15th c) The 19th d) The 21st

8. The American Civil War, which played a critical role in the abolition of slavery, was between the Union states and the ________.
a) Confederate states b) Western states c) Neither

9. Which of these U.S. states does NOT recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday or day of observance?
a) Nevada b) Alaska c) Maine d) Idaho e) Montana

10. What are the key features of the Juneteenth flag?
a) Red, white & blue with stars and stripes
b) Blue & Red with a white star in center
c) Red & blue with a southern cross

11. Which American writer wrote the novel titled Juneteenth that details the traditions and meanings behind this holiday?
a) Frederick Douglass b) Richard Wright c) Ralph Ellison d) W.E.B. Du Bois

12. True or False. Juneteenth became a Texas state holiday on January 1, 1980.

Answer Key:
1)b 2)d 3)d 4)b 5)c 6)b 7)a 8)a 9)e 10)b 11)c 12)True

Master - 12 correct answers
Expert - 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct
Beginner - 4 to 6 correct
Novice - Less than 4 correct

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