Gone Rogue

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories
Professional Mourner

A professional mourner was hired to perform at a funeral. The client paid her a check upfront. The semi-actress performed to the highest standards which included attending, weeping and chest beating. Near the end of the funeral, she was informed the check was bounced. The paid mourner let out a cracking laugh and walked out of the funeral. 


A group of political activists staged a peaceful demonstration outside a government office. One of the protesters unprovokedly attacked a police officer. The act triggered a brutal response. Many demonstrators were beaten and arrested. A quick-thinking citizen managed to capture an image of the rogue activist responsible for the initial attack and posted it online. Some netizens recognized him as the police chief of a nearby city.  

Land of Aborigines

I once visited a village inhabited by aborigines. As one would expect, the people there looked primitive and lived primitively. In reality, their society was actually highly developed. At the very least, they were a lot more civil than people who like to call themselves civilized. The people there loved their children and respected their women. Gender inequality was non-existent. Women and men were regarded as equals. Many leadership positions were held by female aborigines.

Curiously, young boys and unmarried males did not sleep at home. Each night, they gathered in the town hall and stayed there until morning. I was told this is a way to train young tribal men to be independent. In another word, don’t run to your mommy or daddy when time is tough.

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