Trivia - Marathon

This marathon trivia quiz has 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and share these marathon facts with friends. 
1. What is the official distance for competitive marathon races?
a) 32.195 km b) 42.195 km c) 52.195 km d) None of these

2. A marathoner's most important attribute is ________.
a) Physical strength b) Mental focus c) Endurance and stamina d) Agility

3. The term "marathon" and its connotation originated from which ancient civilization?
a) Greek b) Roman c) Egyptian d) Chinese

4) The six races (previously five) that make up the World Marathon Majors are New York, Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin and ________.
a) Tokyo b) Paris c) Rome d) Dubai

5) Who can participate in a marathon?
a) Professionals b) Amateurs c) Everyday citizens d) All of them

6) In recent times, competitive marathons have been dominated (in number of wins) by runners from which continent?
a) Africa b) Americas c) Asia d) Europe

7) The first Olympic marathon gold medalist (men or women) was ________.
a) Thomas Hicks b) Spiridon Louis c) Sohn Kee-Chung d) Abebe Bikila

8) Women marathon made its official Olympic debut in which year?
a) 1896 b) 1974 c) 1984 d) 1994

9) The winning time for a competitive marathon race is typically ________.
a) Under 2 hrs
b) More than 2 hrs but less than 3
c) More than 3 hrs

10) Can a marathoner drink water during a race?
a) Yes b) No c) Not always

11) An official marathon is run on which type of track or course?
a) Road b) Stadium track only c) Mountain

12. True or False. Marathon was one of the medal events at the first modern Olympics (1896).

Answer Key:
1)b 2)c 3)a 4)a 5)d 6)a 7)b 8)c 9)b 10)a 11)a 12)True

Master - 12 correct answers
Expert - 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct
Beginner - 4 to 6 correct
Novice - Less than 4 correct

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