Trivia - Logos

Test your knowledge of logos and emblems with this fun but challenging trivia quiz. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and challenge your friends.
1. The mermaid or goddess on the Starbucks logo was inspired by which figure from Greek mythology?
a) Aphrodite b) Thetis c) The siren d) The nymph

2. How many different colors are in the Google logo?
a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Six

3. The NBC logo features this feathered animal.
a) A phoenix b) A rooster c) A parrot d) A peacock

4. The main Olympic emblem showcases five interlocking colored rings. What do these rings represent?
a) Athleticism, Courage, Friendship, Peace and Unity
b) The five inhabited continents
c) The five original Olympic sports

5. Which flower emblem is on Japan’s Imperial Seal?
a) Chrysanthemum b) Cherry blossom c) Morning Glory d) Camellia

6. True or false. A logo can be both text and image, while an emblem is mostly pictorial.

7. The Nike Swoosh is one of the most recognized brand logos in the world. Who was the designer?
a) Phil Knight b) Carolyn Davidson c) Bill Bowerman d) Davide Grasso

8. The DreamWorks logo features a boy on the moon. What is he doing?
a) Fishing
b) Flying a kite
c) Bicycling
d) Pointing a tree branch at the clouds

9. The giant panda on the World Wildlife Fund logo was inspired by a real panda that was living at the time of the fund's creation. What was the name of the panda?
a) Ling Ling b) Bao Bao c) Tian Tian d) Chi Chi

10. What image is expressed in the red circle on the LG logo?
a) A clock b) A mathematical equation c) A human face d) No particular image

11. Featured prominently on the KFC logo is an image of the company's founder. What is his name?
a) Burt Baskin b) Dave Thomas c) Harland Sanders d) James McLamore

12. The Frutiger font and its variations are used in many brand logos. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
a) Bandai Namco b) LinkedIn c) Alcatel-Lucent d) Gecina

Answer Key:
1)c 2)c 3)d 4)b 5)a 6)True 7)b 8)a 9)d 10)c 11)c 12)b

Master - 12 correct answers
Expert - 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct
Beginner - 4 to 6 correct
Novice - Less than 4 correct

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