Save the Lobsters!

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories

To turn around his sagging business, a family physician came up with a plan to encourage patients insured by the state to visit his clinic for treatment. He paid patients $15 per visit. The scheme worked incredibly well and the number of visits quadrupled. As the state's insurance agency experienced a massive surge in the number of claims from the same physician, they became worried there might be a major health epidemic in the area served by the doctor. The agency hastily reported the epidemic to health authorities. 

Save the Lobsters!

A friend of mine who lives in Boston recently paid me a visit; he brought with him half a dozen (still living) lobsters as gifts. I personally found these lobsters to be the ultimate survivors. They survived the brutal capture, two days in a container (tied up with no food), a 6-hour flight and three days in my fridge (under freezing temperature). The lobsters in due course ended up in my stomach, but they were very much alive before my cooking took hold.

Perfect Score

A college professor was so proud of his ability to craft difficult exam questions that he permitted his students to bring anything they wanted to the exam -- textbooks, cheat sheets, notes and even laptops. As expected, most of the students failed the exam. However, there were several perfect scores which confounded the prideful professor. He later discovered similarities in the exams with perfect scores. When he confronted the students, they offered an explanation.

"Since you allowed us to bring anything we wanted to the exam, we brought in exams from past semesters. The questions on this test were identical to the ones from past exams."

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