Monkey's Brain

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories

An engineering student rarely showed up for lectures but always received the highest score in exams. One day, he received only the second highest mark; another student earned the highest mark. The genius was frustrated and decided to investigate the matter. In the next exam, he was beaten by the same student. Since he did not see her at the exam, the genius suspected his rival of cheating. He went to the professor to complain, but the professor refused to believe him.

"All the questions were from the lectures. Since she attended all of my lectures, there was no reason for her to cheat. It's you I am more concerned about."

Monkey's Brain

On a trip to Southeast Asia, T and his friend visited a restaurant famous for its exotic dishes. Their guide asked them if they wanted to eat a local delicacy. The two thought it would be fun to try something they had never tasted before. T was led to the kitchen where a dozen monkeys were on display in a cage. He was asked by the restaurant's cook to pick from one of them. T felt a chill down his spine but proceeded to ask the cook what he intended to do with the monkey. 

"I will smash his head, remove the brain and serve it raw with seasonings. It should still be warm by then."

T respectfully declined the strange delicacy and hastily retreated from the restaurant. He was later informed by his companion that the dish tasted like a squishy meatball.   


Something rather amusing happened a few days ago. An unidentified guest decided that it was worthwhile to vote almost 200 times in a poll -- embedded in my short critique of a Picasso’s painting. Based on the person’s voting preference, he or she was apparently not a fan of the famous painter. Nonetheless, I do find myself admiring the person’s zeal. I don’t think I would have the patience to vote 200 times just to make a point. Perhaps the person is a hacker and was able to avoid the tedious hassle. But hackers probably have better things to do than to hack an art poll.

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