Bad Faith

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories
Sugar Jar

Something strange happened to me the other day. I opened my sugar jar and saw coffee grounds in there. I had no idea where the coffee grounds came from, since I don’t drink coffee. As I attempted to remove the coffee grounds from the jar, I discovered something quite shocking. Those weren’t coffee grounds; they were actually dead ants -- millions of them. My guess is that the ants must have had a fatal allergic reaction to the sugar in the jar. Or maybe they were bored and decided to end their miserable lives.

Bad Faith

H, who had lost large sums of money to gambling over the years, decided to gamble one last time before quitting for good. Although he was not a person of faith, he did have a small God statue left behind by his deceased parents. The man removed the statue from the locked cabinet, placed it on the altar and made a prayer. 

Dear God,

I have never asked you for anything. But for this one time, please help me win big on my final bet. I pledge to never gamble again and become a man of faith. 

The gambling addict lost his bet badly, losing even more money than usual. A frustrated H rushed home and put the statue back into the locked cabinet. 


A federal worker was injured in an accident at work. His doctor declared him temporarily unfit for physical labor and he was allowed to receive worker's compensation. A year after the accident, his injury still prevented him from returning to work. His co-workers were understandably concerned. They decided to make a surprise group visit to his house on his birthday. They even pooled money to buy a nice gift for him. When the group arrived at his house, they saw him moving several pieces of heavy furniture out of his house. The co-workers offered their assistance, but he waved them off and effortlessly loaded the items onto his truck.

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