Trivia - Hawaii

This Hawaii trivia quiz features 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Enjoy and me ka aloha pumehana!
1. Hawaii is endearingly known as ________.
a) The Aloha State b) The Sunshine State c) The Pine Tree State

2. Due to the fact it is a group of islands, Hawaii is vulnerable to what type(s) of natural disaster?
a) Volcano eruptions b) Earthquakes c) Tornadoes d) A and B 

3. Hawaii's economy relies almost exclusively on which of these industries?
a) Agriculture b) Tourism c) Manufacturing d) Finance

4. Does Hawaii observe daylight savings time?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Depends on the year

5. The capital city of Hawaii is ________.
a) Honolulu b) Pearl City c) Hilo d) Kailua

6. Which of these European explorers made the first documented visit to Hawaii?
a) Christopher Columbus b) James Cook c) Henry Hudson 

7. What is Hawaii's official state flower?
a) White orchid b) Pink rose c) Yellow hibiscus 

8. True or false. Hawaii is the 52nd state of the United States.

9. According the U.S. Census, whites are not the dominant race in Hawaii. Which of the following is the largest race group (or ethnicity)?
a) Asians b) Latinos and Hispanics c) Blacks 

10. Water sports are particularly popular in Hawaii. The two notable sports are canoeing/kayaking and ________. 
a) Swimming b) Diving c) Surfing d) Water polo

11. Among Hawaii's eight main islands, this one is the most sparsely populated due to a lack of freshwater. 
a) Lanai b) Kahoolawe c) Niihau d) Molokai

12. True or false. "Aloha" is the Hawaiian word for family. 

Answer Key:
1)a 2)d 3)b 4)b 5)a 6)b 7)c 8)F 9)a 10)c 11)b 12)F

Master - 12 correct answers
Expert - 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct
Beginner - 4 to 6 correct
Novice - Less than 4

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