Bait and Switch

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories

A certain superstar golfer released a statement in which he apologized to fans and family for his past transgressions. Minutes after the statement was released, the term “transgression” became one of Google’s most searched terms. But the story did not end there. The golfer subsequently announced an indefinite leave from golf. The word “indefinite” instantly became another most searched term. Two things we can learn from this incident: 1) Humans are curious creatures. 2) Bookworms are a near-extinct species.

Bait and Switch

A man fell in love with a merchant's daughter and decided to ask her family for her hand in marriage. It happened that the lady had an unattractive older sister who had yet to receive an offer of marriage. The family devised a scheme to have the man marry the older sister instead. In their culture, it was customary for the bride to cover her face during the wedding ceremony. The unscrupulous family used the opportunity to switch the bride. The man did not find out about the switch until the ceremony was over and legal documents signed. He was bitter and upset, but was unable to cancel the marriage due to local laws and his own religious beliefs. The accidental couple lived an unhappy life together.


N's family used to have a Beagle as a pet dog. One night, they forgot to shut their fence gate. The dog got out and did not return. His family spent a lot of time looking for their Beagle. They later learned their friendly neighbor recently had dog meat for dinner.

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