Social Connections

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by a true story
A man with a large backpack entered a church during Sunday mass. He placed the backpack on one of the seats and ran up to the pulpit. There he unleashed a series of tirade, threats and insults which unnerved the churchgoers. His bulky backpack also raised suspicions of a bomb. The threatening behavior caused a panic and many people started running toward the exit. There were a lot of pushing and shoving; several people fell and received cuts and bruises. 

Despite the pastor's plead to leave, a number of people surrounded the backpack and started taking pictures. Many posted pictures to Instagram and Facebook; others were live-tweeting #The Backpack. Some even broadcast it live on Facebook as breaking news. Due to the volume of people, it took the police several minutes to disperse the curious crowd and quarantine the suspicious backpack. When it was determined that there was no bomb in the backpack, people left disappointed.

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