Lunar New Year Superstitions

Asians are highly superstitious people. It is in their culture to do everything in their power to avoid things that can bring about bad luck. As one's fortune for the year is believed to greatly depend on an auspicious Lunar New Year, it is absolutely vital for people to conform to certain superstitions or practices. Here are a few things one should and should not do during the first three days of the Lunar New Year or risk having bad luck for the rest of the year.

1. One should not swear or do bad things during the Lunar New Year, as doing so will lead to bad karma for the rest of the year. Be prepared that your whole year might be plagued with hard luck and misfortunes. 

2. One should not clean the house during the holiday. The Lunar New Year brings about good health and fortune. You definitely don't want to sweep away all your good luck. A clean house means an empty pocket or a loss of promotion.

3. One should wear fancy clothes during the Lunar New Year. You can be as frugal as you want in any day of the year except for the first three days. The New Year is the time to wear one's fancy new clothes. Failure to do so may spell bad luck for the person in the money department. 

4. One should not refuse any gift from friends and family in the Lunar New Year. In fact, you should reciprocate them in kind. Failure to do so may lead to serious conflict between you and your close associates for months to come. If you want people to be kind to you, be kind to them. 

5. One should not wish ill of others during the Lunar New Year. We should welcome in the New Year with positive energy rather than negative energy. If you wish well of others, your entire year will be filled with the positives. If you wish ill of others, your year will be filled with the negatives. Failure to heed the warning may lead to a series of unforeseen consequences. 

Superstitions are an important part of the Lunar New Year. At their core, superstitions are established to help people think about the positives and ignore the negatives. Everything we do have consequences; a good behavior is bound to lead to a good end. 

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