Dead Fish

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by a true story
A steel plant ran by one of the world's largest chemical companies released toxic waste into the ocean. The result was a water pollution crisis that killed millions of fish and effectively wiped out the local fishing industry. The company initially denied any responsibility, but later changed its mind and apologized for the accidental leakage. Due to a prior agreement with the host government, the company received immunity from all criminal and civilian liabilities. 

Local authorities ordered the fish in the polluted zone be discarded and commercial activities suspended. The decision effectively deprived people in the affected area of all income streams. In desperation, one fishing family decided to secretly store away their good fish cache. They planned to wait until the crisis died down and health concerns allayed to put the fish up for sale. 

One day, this family of ten felt an urge to eat fish. Despite reservations, the family's cook prepared a fried fish meal using fish from their stored cache. After the meal, five people suffered a severe condition and were rushed to the hospital. One later died. The police were still investigating the cause of the poisoning.

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