Accidental Deaths

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories
T received two bad news in one day. He was fired from his job and his girlfriend of three years dumped him for another man. T was depressed and felt there was nothing worth living for. He planned to commit suicide at the famed Eiffel Tower -- a favorite destination for suicidal Parisians. To avoid the crowds, T came to the tower at around 5 in the morning. He climbed to the top, poignantly recorded his last words and released himself from the tower. He landed on a bystander below. Miraculously, T suffered only minor injuries while the poor passerby died of a broken neck. He later learned his accidental victim recently received a promotion at work and was to marry her boyfriend on that very day. 

A drunk man got into a heated argument with his wife and son over a lottery ticket purchase. He climbed the stairs to the roof of the apartment building, stood near the edge and threatened to jump. Fortunately, his wife was able to persuade him not to jump. When he was about to move away from the edge, he was hit by a strong wind gust. The drunk man lost his balance and fell off the building. He landed on a 90-year-old woman killing her instantly. 

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