Trivia - American Culture

Test your knowledge of American culture with this short trivia quiz. There are a total of 12 multiple-choice questions. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. 
1. Based on league attendance and TV viewership, which professional sport in America is the most popular?
a) Baseball b) Basketball c) American football d) Hockey e) Car racing

2. Which of these ingredients/dishes is NOT a common component of the American Thanksgiving dinner?
a) Turkey b) Fries c) Dressing d) Sweet Potatoes e) Cranberry sauce

3. Which fashion trend was and still is an enduring symbol of American pop culture?
a) Cowboy hat and boots b) Blue jean c) Aloha shirt d) Leather motorcycle jacket 

4. A majority of Americans identify themselves as Christians. Which of the following Christian groups is the most followed?
a) Catholic b) Anglican c) Baptist d) Mormon e) Methodist

5. Who was the famous American poet known for the dark themes often found in his works?
a) Nathaniel Hawthorne b) Henry David Thoreau c) Emily Dickinson d) Walt Whitman e) Edgar Allan Poe

6. America was originally composed of how many states?
a) 52 b) 50 c) 32 d) 13 e) 7

7. Which of these American music styles is most associated with African Americans? (Best Answer)
a) Hip hop b) Blues c) Jazz d) Soul e) All of them

8. In the context of American culture, the term “Broadway” refers to _________.
a) A famous avenue in NYC 
b) Title of a 1942 film 
c) America’s first bascule bridge 
d) Name of a memorable song 
e) Theaters located along Broadway Rd, NYC

9. Which of these iconic movies is NOT an American production?
a) Gone With the Wind b) Star Wars c) The Godfathers d) Jaws e) Lawrence of Arabia 

10. Walt Disney was the most prolific animator/animation producer in American history. Which of these was considered his finest creation?
a) Mickey Mouse b) Bambi c) Goofy d) Donald Duck e) Dumbo 

11. The world’s famous Silicon Valley is renowned for being the home of _________.
a) Wealthy retirees b) Financial institutions c) Highly rated universities d) Casinos e) Leading technology companies

12. True or False. Private ownership of firearms (with some restrictions) is permissible in America.

Answer Key:
1)c  2)b  3)b  4)a  5)e  6)d  7)e  8)e  9)e 10)a 11)e 12)T

Master – 12 correct answer
Expert – 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate – 7 to 9 correct
Beginner – 4 to 6 correct
Novice – less than 4

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