I Voted

Part of the Human Comedy series
Based on a true story
A man was attending a citizenship interview. This was his final step (oath ceremony aside) to becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen. After a brief exchange of pleasantry, the interviewer asked him a routine background question. 

"Have you ever voted in a U.S. election?"

Without giving it a thought, the man firmly replied "Yes". The interviewer stared at him perturbedly, but proceeded to ask a follow-up question. 

"When and how did you vote?"

"I voted for President Bush in the last election. I am really glad he won." The man smiled, thinking he will pass the interview for sure after invoking his interviewer's boss. But the interviewer suddenly burst out laughing. The interviewer and interviewee in the adjacent cubicle, who must have overheard the exchanges, were laughing as well. 

The man was confused by the bizarre reaction but decided to laugh along.

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