Thanksgiving Riddles & Jokes

Thanksgiving is not complete without a sharing of funny riddles and jokes. Luckily, this American holiday gives comic writers and comedians a whole lot of materials to work with. Thanksgiving riddles and jokes generally target hard-luck turkeys and pilgrims. They are presented in the form of tricky and cleverly-crafted questions. Eight of the ten riddles are created by our staff; the two (in quotations) are popular folk sayings. 


1) Where can one find the world’s biggest turkey? 
Answer: The Republic of Turkey

2) What do people do on Thanksgiving Day? 
Answer: Giving thanks

3) How many Indians were present at the pilgrims’ Thanksgiving feast? 
Answer: None, Native Americans and not Indians (who live in India) were present. 

4) “What did the turkeys sing on Thanksgiving Day?” 
Answer: God save the kin.

5) Where is the luckiest turkey on Thanksgiving Day? 
Answer: At the White House

6) Why do we call the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday? 
Answer: Because retail stores are in the black (profitable). 

7) Is it true that football games are played on Thanksgiving? 
Answer: Yes and No. Football means soccer in most places around the world.

8) The longest corporate sponsor of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is ________.
Answer: Macy

9) “Why did the police arrest the turkey?”
Answer: They suspected it of fowl play.

10) In protest of President Franklin Roosevelt’s decision to move Thanksgiving up one week, some people famously renamed Thanksgiving to ________.
Answer: Franksgiving

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