Thanksgiving Games for Adults

What makes Thanksgiving Day special is the fact that it is a large gathering of family members, friends, neighbors and even some distant acquaintances. With so many people at one location, it is important to arrange some sort of entertainment to keep them busy before Thanksgiving dinner is served. While young kids can keep themselves entertained by playing video games and watching TV, there aren't many activities that allow for more involved interactions between the adults. I have personally been to Thanksgiving dinners, where some old ladies went on and on about something they did forty years ago. This page shares a few interesting Thanksgiving games (for adults) that will hopefully enhance your Thanksgiving experience. 

1) Thanksgiving Bingo

Bingo is a great game for big gatherings of people. As this is essentially a game of luck, bingo is a big hit with everyone especially adults and seniors. The fact the game has no learning curve and everyone is familiar with it guarantees full participation from all the adults; no one will be feeling left out. People can play the classic bingo game (with numbers) or one with a Thanksgiving theme. Bingo cards with Thanksgiving themes can be downloaded from the web. You can also create your own set of Thanksgiving bingo cards; this could be a good craft project for your family. Finally, there should be small cash prizes for bingo winners to keep people interested, at least until the big turkey is served.  

2) Thanksgiving Cooking/Potluck Contest

Potluck is something quite common at Thanksgiving dinner. However, we can take it a step further by turning potluck into an Iron Chef’s type of cooking game or contest. First, we divide expected guests into groups of at least 2 people. Each group is asked to bring some sort of delicacy to the Thanksgiving dinner. A panel of unbiased judges will be tasked with picking the best dish from the bunch. Don’t forget to record or take pictures of the proceedings, as something like this makes wonderful Thanksgiving memories. 

3) Thanksgiving Trivia

Trivia games are very popular on big holiday occasions like Thanksgiving. Incidentally, they are more popular with adults than with children. This is because Thanksgiving trivia questions are either too difficult or too tricky for kids. Adults, however, really enjoy these brainteasers. Also, Thanksgiving (as an established holiday) provides abundant materials for trivia and quizzes. This means people will be entertained for hours, making a long holiday weekend a less cumbersome experience. 

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