Most Prestigious Careers

Not everyone pick a career or job for the same reason. Some people choose a particular career because it is the most bankable. Others pick jobs that yield fame and prestige. People view a job as a vehicle, with which they can achieve preset goals and fulfill personal aspirations. The most prestigious careers are those intrinsically linked with higher education. Candidates for these jobs are generally people who have acquired either a PhD or some form of certified expertise. As prestigious jobs are positions of respect, their holders are to be addressed formerly (e.g. Dr, Sir, Madame). 

1) College Professors

College professorship is a position of honor and one of the most difficult careers to pursue. The minimum qualification for this job is a PhD from a top university. Additionally, this university must also be heavily specialized in the desired field of teaching. Moreover, this is just one of many checkpoints one has to overcome if he or she were to become a professor. The candidate will also need an extensive academic portfolio and exemplary personal background. Even after the person has been given professorship, he will still be constantly observed and assessed for performance. The person will have to work extra hard if he hopes to retain professorship and gain full tenure.

2) Doctors and Surgeons

Many prestigious careers are in the medical field. This is due to the fact that most medical professionals are highly educated and thoroughly trained. Since these professions deal with people’s health and wellness, certification is understandably a required prerequisite. Doctors of any discipline are generally the most prestigious jobs in this field, with brain surgeons being the highest regarded. People value neurosurgeons for the complex nature of their work; they have to deal with the human brain, which is unquestionably the most complicated and delicate organ. A brain surgeon must be very knowledgeable about the human body as well as be extremely skilled. 

3) Government Officials

Elected officials are among the most prestigious careers. Any jobs that can only be obtained through an electoral process are automatically positions of high honor. People elect certain individuals to public offices, because they are either qualified for the job or deemed suitable to receive the honor. Moreover, elected office is not a job of leisure. Making and enforcing public policies that could affect millions of lives are never an easy task. Military officers are also positions of prestige. Like other prestigious jobs, a college education is a prerequisite to become a military officer. Candidates will have to undertake special military training that is physically and mentally demanding. 

Generally, any job with a “senior” designation or title is a prestigious one. This type of position is usually reserved for people who have a lot of experience in a particular field. Recipients of this title are frequently given leadership roles in important projects or in the company. In short, all prestigious careers and jobs require a lot of education and experience both of which are not easily obtainable. For that reason, people appreciate and respect the holders of these prestigious jobs for their work and dedication. 

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