Quotes about Good Sportsmanship

In olden days, good sportsmanship was something to be treasured. Today, sportsmanship has essentially been replaced by gamesmanship. The trend started several decades ago and it seems to be getting worse. Cheating and unruly manners (by both athletes and fans) are rampant at sporting events. Thankfully, there are still people who practice good sportsmanship and the idea itself is still seen with a positive light. This collection offers 11 wonderful quotes about sportsmanship. Which quote is your favorite?

“Winning medals is very important. Becoming the best in the world at your sport doesn't mean you can't be compassionate and have good sportsmanship.” Johann Olav Koss 

“It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser.” Harry Sheehy

“One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than ten preaching it.” Knute Rockne

“I would advise all youths aspiring to athletic fame or a professional career to practice clean living, fair play, and good sportsmanship.” Marshall Taylor

“I never thought about losing, but now that it’s happened, the only thing is to do it right.” Muhammed Ali

“I think sportsmanship is knowing that it is a game, that we are only as a good as our opponents, and that whether you win or lose, to always give 100 percent.” Sue Wicks

“Tactics, fitness, stroke ability, adaptability, experience, and sportsmanship are all necessary for winning.” Fred Perry

“When you look at some of these celebrations, you think they're kind of funny. But when you look at a bunch of them, you are a little concerned by it. We're trying to make sure that sportsmanship remains central to the game.” Rich McKay

“We want the kids to be physically fit and learn good behavior, sportsmanship, and respect for themselves & for others.” Chris Laramore

 “One of the things most people have commented on is sportsmanship. You do not demean or jeer any of the opposing players. It seems unbelievable at this age that if a good play is made, everyone congratulates that player.” Lee Slider

“Victory is remembered for at most three decades; an act of good sportsmanship is remembered for a lifetime.” Simon Nguyen

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