Most Desired Jobs

People are attracted to a certain job or profession for one of three reasons—money, fame and prestige. Most desired careers tend to encompass at least two of the characteristics. Among the most desired professions are professional athletes, surgeons and corporate executives. It should be noted that most people don’t have the needed qualifications to attain or excel in these jobs. Ideal candidates for these positions are highly talented workers with terrific credentials. 

Professional Athletes

Becoming a professional athlete is the childhood dream of many people. To be able to perform in front of thousands of adoring fans, while making millions of dollars a year, is a very exciting concept. Unfortunately, the career path of a professional athlete can be fairly challenging. Unless you are one with great athletic talents, chances are you will have a hard time pursuing an athletic career. 

A professional athlete starts out in the minor league or in a development tour (with relatively low wages), and works up to the highest level of his or her sport. For a person with substantial talent, the process may only take weeks or months. For people with average ability, the laddering process could take years. As the career of a professional athlete is rather short, the personal and financial burdens associated with it can be too much for some to handle. Nonetheless, professional sportsmen who survived the cut are typically well compensated. Take professional golf for example. The 106th ranked player in the 2016 PGA TOUR Money List earns over $1 million. This does not include sponsorships and other lucrative perks. 

Medical Surgeons

Medical surgeon is another of the most desired jobs. As the elites of the medical profession, surgeons are typically the highest paid doctors. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly pay for this job is roughly $395,000 which is the highest of all medical occupations. Surgeons are generally well regarded, ranking very high on most lists of admired professions. Additionally, surgeons are favorably depicted in movies and TV shows about medicine. This undoubtedly adds prestige to the job and is one of the reasons why this profession is greatly coveted. The only drawback about a career as a surgeon is that it can very stressful and emotionally demanding. 

Corporate Executives

Corporate executives or CEOs are jobs that are both desired and hated. While most people would love to be managers and CEOs, they generally have a negative opinion of the people in these positions. The sentiment stems from a recent exposition of the massive bonuses received by some corporate managers and top executives. Yet, what people fail to realize is that the position of a CEO is a dead-end job. If the person is fired from his or her position for poor performance, there is a good possibility that he will never be able to find another job. There have been stories of former corporate managers, having to resort to working in some lowly jobs (such as a restaurant waiter) after being fired. As a result, CEOs and the likes need the big bonuses and compensation to secure their future financial security.  


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