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Side jobs are important in any economy. People are always looking to earn extra income either to supplement their daily expenses or to spend on non-essential purchases. By their very nature, these jobs tend to have odd descriptions and are sometimes unconventional. Typical side jobs are temporary positions that offer almost no benefits and pay a wide range of wages. For example, a side job as a contract computer programmer is more payable than a babysitter job. In this article, I will examine a few of the best side jobs on the market and discuss how to obtain them. 

The highest-paid side jobs are ones that require a specialized skill. Freelance computer programmer is a good example of this. These programmers are usually specialized in one specific computer language. As businesses always have routine demand for specialized programmers in a short-term and temporary basis, freelancers fit the bill well. As programming assignments can be done at home and on one’s own computer, there is no need for anyone to give up his or her primary occupation. Coders can work on these assignments after work and on the weekend. 

Substitute teacher is another side job that pays well. These teachers have the advantage of not having to deal with students for an entire school year. They get to do what they love, while avoiding the strenuous demand of a full time teaching career. Also, substitute teachers are greatly sought in the United States as there are reasonably high teacher absence rates. According to the Center for American Progress, more than 5% of all teachers are absent on any school day. Additionally, $4 billion are spent each year on substitute teachers and associated costs. This is one lucrative side job for people who love to work with children and would like to earn spare income. 

If you are someone who enjoys writing, freelance writing is an excellent side job that offers flexibility and a reasonable income. According to Internet World Stats, there are almost 2 billion Internet users in the world today. That is one huge audience for freelance writers to tap into. Most freelance writers work for online content publishers; they are paid for each article published. Some writers run their own content sites or blogs and earn money from ads. As most freelance work will be published online, it is important that one’s articles are optimally written for the web. A good writer with a strong knowledge of SEO can make tens of thousands of dollars per year. 

If you are very good with computers and gadgets, there are a lot of side opportunities for you to make decent money. It is a fact that there are many computer illiterates in the U.S. and the world. These people are ones who don’t know enough about computers to diagnose and fix simple computer problems. As a result, there is a strong need for various computer services and the pay is usually very competitive. You can offer your services through classified websites like Craiglist, or through friends and associates. An experienced freelance computer technician can earn hundreds of dollars an hour. 

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