The Human Comedy

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories

H had a thing for mangoes. It happened that her neighbor had a mango tree that was bearing fruits. Without asking for permission, the lady picked a mango from the tree and consumed it. When the neighbor found out H had picked from their tree, the couple came to her house and made a citizen arrest. They tied her to a tree and torched her hands. When the authorities finally came, H’s hands had been badly burned and needed to be amputated.

The couple was issued a warning by the authorities not to do something like this ever again.


A lady was attacked by a vicious swarm of bees. She tried to take cover in one of the nearby buildings. Unfortunately, that building was locked. She tried to take cover in another building, but the people inside refused to let her in fearing the killer bees will come in as well. One woman even shoved her to the ground and shut the door on her.

Her numerous pleadings for help were to no prevail. In her desperation, she attempted to fight off the venomous bees. Unfortunately, they were too much for her. It was a difficult scene to stomach. The people inside the buildings could do nothing but watch. When the authorities came, the lady was already dead. There were thousands of bee stings on her body. It was an act of nature, proclaimed one of the witnesses.

My 70-year-old Cousin

How can a guy in his thirties have a 70-year-old cousin? Well, my dad is the last son of my grandparents. There is a 15-20 years gap between my first uncle and my father. Also, my first uncle married young while my dad married when he was a little older. If you factored all that in, this isn’t so abnormal. Consequently, I have several nieces and nephews who are in their late forties and early fifties. It’s really awkward when they called me “Uncle”!

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