Lake of Sorrows

Part of the Dream Traveler series

I came upon a beautiful lake called Lake of Sorrows. I later learned from one of the townspeople the story behind the lake’s intriguing name. The name originated from a local legend. 

Some time ago, there were two young people who were deeply in love with each other. Just weeks before their planned wedding, a civil war broke out. The young man was drafted into the military and sent to the war's front line. Before the young serviceman left to carry out his duty, he told his lover to wait for his return at this very lake.

Everyday, the young woman stood besides the picturesque lake from dawn to dusk awaiting his return. As time passed, her disquietude grew. Her love for him, however, remained undiminished. After several years without any news regarding the soldier’s fate, the prospect of his return appeared grim. The girl was pressured by her family to marry someone else. On the eve of her wedding, the young lover took her own life by jumping into the lake.

Shortly after her death, her lover completed his military service and returned to the town. Upon learning of her death, he was emotionally distraught. He would later take his own life by also jumping into the lake.

Next to the lake was a small cemetery. Over the years, many star-crossed couples had chosen to end their lives at this majestic lake. Their bodies were buried in the cemetery. Interestingly, many of the decreased couples were from outside of town. They were drawn to this place by the lake’s mysterious aura and legend.

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