Peach Blossom Isle

Part of the Dream Traveler series
This is a work of fiction.
At the heart of the Eastern Sea lies a scenic but somewhat recluse island called Peach Blossom Isle. As suggested by its name, the island is infested by peach trees. What makes peach trees on this island unique is the fact they bloom and bear fruits year round. This is made possible by the island’s unique climate. Peach Blossom Isle enjoys spring-like weather all year long.

The peach trees here bloom in different seasons and on different parts of the island. For example, peach trees in the north-east quadrant of the island may bloom in spring and bear fruits in summer; peach trees in another quadrant may bloom in summer and bear fruits in autumn. This ensures that one can enjoy blossoms and fruits year round.

Interestingly, the island got its name not from its beautiful peach blossoms but from its numerous giant stones -- many of which bear natural patterns that resemble peach blossoms. The stones are scattered over the island. Touching the stone is said to bring luck to those seeking love.

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