Land of the Aborigines

Part of the Dream Traveler series
This is a work of fiction

I chance upon a land inhabited by aborigines. As one would expect, the people there look primitive and live primitively. In reality, their society is actually highly developed. At the very least, they are a lot more civil than people who like to call themselves civilized. The people there love their children and respect their women. Gender inequality is non-existent. Women and men are regarded as equals. Many leadership positions are held by female aborigines.

Curiously, young boys and unmarried males do not sleep at home. Each night, they gather in the town hall and stay there until morning. I am told this is a way to train young tribal men to be independent. In another word, don’t run to your mommy or daddy when time is tough.

What I did not know before my visit is the tribe’s aversion towards outsiders. This land used to be a peaceful place until outside aggressors came and brutally annexed the land. Fortunately, I manage to leave the town in one piece.


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