Poetry - Pocahontas

I am told of a story
From long, long ago
About a young girl
Whose beauty surpasses the orchid.
Her name is Pocahontas,
A daughter of the Powhatan.

She is callow and pure,
Void of worries and pain.
All the tribal men fall in love with her,
But none could win over her heart
For she has yet to know love.

One day, her smile suddenly fades
As she stares at a distant land
From atop a towering cliff.
She has indeed fallen in love
With an outsider named John Smith.

It's a tragic tale of unrequited love,
Between two of different worlds,
That brings her worldly sorrows
and endless pain.

When her father learns of her heartache,
He is angry and enraged.
No daughter of Powhatan should fall in love with an outsider.
No outsider can betray his precious daughter's heart.

The warriors of the land are summoned
To apprehend the fiend.
But Pocahontas pleads for her lover's life
For her pain is self-inflicted
And pity has no place in love.

In exchange for Captain Smith's life,
She will again be.....a swallow in a yehakin.


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