Ode to Mothers

A poem by Simon Nguyen

A mother's love is as wide as the Pacific Ocean, boundless.
A mother's heart is as pure as water from the source, wholesome.
A mother's eyes are as bright as stars in the sky, illuminating. 

How could I forget your endearing lullaby, carrying me into the realm of fancy.

For countless nights, you have tended my sleep.
For countless days, you have stood by my side
Sharing my joys and comforting my sadness.
Through rain and shine, you have been there for me.
Neither fierce winds nor graying of hair nor pain and sickness could slow you down.

A mother responds:
Watching you grow makes me proud.
Hearing your voice makes me smile.
Having your company makes my day.

To Mom: Please sing the sweet lullaby once more!

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