PyeongChang 2018 Olympics Figure Skating - Predictions, TV Schedule

This page has TV schedule and predictions for the figure skating events at the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Most of the events will be aired on NBC primetime coverage and all will be streamed live at The 2018 PyeongChang Olympics (figure skating) is scheduled for February 6-20.

U.S. TV Schedule
*Subject to change, error

February 8 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Events: Team (Men's Short) ~8 PM | Team (Pairs Short) ~9:45 PM

February 10 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Events: Team (Short Dance) ~8 PM | Team (Women's Short) ~9:45 PM | Team (Pairs Free) ~11:40 PM

February 11 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Events: Team (Men's Free) ~8 PM | Team (Women's Free) ~9:10 PM | Team (Free Dance) ~10:20 PM

February 13 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Pairs Short ~8 PM

February 14 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Pairs Free ~8:30 PM

February 15 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Men's Short ~8 PM

February 16 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Men's Free ~8 PM

February 18 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Short Dance ~8 PM

February 19 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Free Dance ~8 PM

February 20 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Women's Short ~8 PM

February 22 - NBC Primetime (8-11 PM ET)
Event: Women's Free ~8 PM

Live streaming at

Trends / Predictions


✪ Americans and Russians have dominated men's Olympic figure skating for the past four decades. The two countries combined to win nine consecutive gold medals from 1984 through 2010. Japan's Yuzuru Hanyu ended that streak four years ago in Sochi. In fact, no American or Russian made the podium for the first time in a long time. Russia (or Olympic Athletes from Russia) does have two young rising stars in Dmitri Aliev and Mikhail Kolyada, but they are unlikely to contend in this Olympics. The United States has a superstar in the making in Nathan Chen, but he is only one of many medal contenders in PyeongChang. Looking purely at the percentages, the odds of either an American or a Russian winning the men's title are fairly low at the moment.

Rankings of American/Russian skaters: 1. Nathan Chen 2. Mikhail Kolyada 3. Dmitri Aliev 4. Vincent Zhou 5. Adam Rippon

✪ The last four Olympic champions (Yuzuru Hanyu, Evan Lysacek, Evgeni Plushenko, Alexei Yagudin) won a world title before winning the Olympic gold medal. This shows that experience is critical to achieving success at the Olympics. Most people will look at season's best scores in projecting the winner. However, this metric is better at predicting the world champion than the Olympic champion. The pressure of winning gold for one's country can be taxing, for even the most talented skaters.

World champions: Yuzuru Hanyu (2), Javier Fernandez (2), Patrick Chan (3)
Confidence Index: 1. Nathan Chen 2. Javier Fernandez 3. Shoma Uno 4. Jin Boyang 5. Yuzuru Hanyu
Season's Best: Shoma Uno 319.84 | Jin Boyang 300.95 | Javier Fernandez 295.55 | Nathan Chen 293.79 | Yuzuru Hanyu 290.77

Final Results
🥇Yuzuru Hanyu 🥈Shoma Uno 🥉Javier Fernandez


✪ The safest bet at this Olympics is to pick a Russian to win the ladies' title. The race for the gold medal is more than likely between Evgenia Medvedeva, the dominant skater since Sochi, and Alina Zagitova who is this season's best skater. The third Russian at these Games, Maria Sotskova, is not too shabby either. Sotskova finished second at both the Grand Prix Final and the ultra-competitive Russian National Championship.

Tale of the tape

Accolades: Medvedeva (2 world titles) | Zagitova (undefeated this season)
Highest Scores (career/season): Medvedeva 241.31 (232.86) | Zagitova 238.24 (238.24)
Strengths: Medvedeva (triple-triple combination) | Zagitova (late jumps)

✪ Will there be a Russian sweep of the podium in PyeongChang? It is a possibility but is far from certainty. Both Carolina Kostner and Kaetlyn Osmond have beaten Maria Sotskova this season, though the winning margins were small. There is also the Japanese duo of Satoko Miyahara and Kaori Sakamoto, as well as Bradie Tennell from the United States. The race for the bronze medal will be as interesting as the race for gold.

Season's Best Scores: Kaetlyn Osmond 217.55 | Maria Sotskova 216.28 | Carolina Kostner 215.98 | Kaori Sakamoto 214.21 | Satoko Miyahara 214.03 | Bradie Tennell 204.10

Final Results
🥇Alina Zagitova 🥈Evgenia Medvedeva 🥉Kaetlyn Osmond


✪ Team's figure skating is a new competition that made its Olympic debut in Sochi four years ago. Countries with good depth in all four disciplines (men, ladies, pairs & ice dance) should be able to contend for the gold medal. Russia dominated the inaugural event with a team that included the legendary Evgeni Plushenko as well as highly accomplished skaters in the four disciplines. The Russians will field a weaker team this year, mostly because of the controversy over the IOC's decision to ban Russia (the country) from the Olympics. Still, Russia remains a contender on the strength of its female skaters. A weakened Russian team opens the door for other figure skating juggernauts to play for the gold medal. Canada, with its strength in pairs and ice dance, is pegged as the favorite. The United States, which enjoys depth in all four disciplines, is also a strong contender.

Men's Rankings: 1. Japan 2. United States 3. China 4. Canada 5. Russia
Ladies' Rankings: 1. Russia 2. Japan 3. Canada 4. United States 5. Italy
Pairs' Rankings: 1. China 2. Russia 3. Canada 4. United States 5. Italy
Ice Dance's Rankings: 1. Canada 2. United States 3. Russia 4. France 5. Italy

Final Results
🥇Canada 🥈Russia 🥉United States

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