2018 Four Continents Championships - TV Schedule & Predictions

This page has TV schedule and predictions for the 2018 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships. This is the last international competition before the Olympics. The 2018 Four Continents Championships are scheduled for February 22-28 in Tapei City, Taiwan.

U.S. TV Schedule
*Subject to change, error

January 23 - Short Dance - Olympic Channel (9 PM ET)
January 23 - Pairs Short - Olympic Channel (11:59 PM ET)
January 24 - Ladies Short - Olympic Channel (5:30 AM ET) *Encore on NBCSN (2 PM ET)
January 24 - Free Dance - Olympic Channel (11:59 PM ET)
January 25 - Men's Short - Olympic Channel (5:30 AM ET) *Encore on NBCSN (2 PM ET)
January 25 - Pairs Free - Olympic Channel (11:59 PM ET)
January 26 - Ladies Free - Olympic Channel (5:30 AM ET) *Encore on NBCSN (2 PM ET)
January 27 - Men's Free - Olympic Channel (1:30 AM ET) *Encore on NBCSN (11 PM ET)
January 27 - Championship Recap - NBC (2:30 PM ET)



✪ The Four Continents is the last major competition before the Olympics and world championships. Although some top skaters have opted to skip this event over the years, it still enjoys the strongest field outside the Grand Prix Final. The competition has historically been dominated by Canadians, Americans and Japanese. In fact, these three countries combined to win 13 consecutive men's titles before Denis Ten ended the streak in 2015.

✪ Top skaters usually don't push themselves at the Four Continents to avoid a freak injury just mere weeks before the Olympics or worlds. (Non-Olympic skaters will be pushing hard to salvage their season.) Shoma Uno might be an exception, since he has a tendency to go all out every time he skates. In fact, his best score this season came at a small event in Bergamo, Italy. With the absence of Nathan Chen, who has beaten him twice this season, Uno should be able to deliver to pressure-free skate. His main challenger is Jin Boyang of China. The 2-time world's bronze medalist has the technical ability to to overtake the Japanese star, in the event he seriously falters.

Olympic skaters (season): Shoma Uno 319.84 (lowest score: 273.32) | Jin Boyang* 264.48 | Misha Ge 258.34 | Denis Ten 228.81
Non-Olympic skaters (season): Max Aaron 261.56 | Jason Brown 261.14 | Takahito Mura 258.41

Final Results
🥇Jin Boyang  🥈Shoma Uno  🥉Jason Brown


✪ The Japanese and Americans have dominated the ladies' event since the inception of the Four Continents. In fact, the two countries have combined to win 17 of the 19 events contested. There is a reason for it and it has everything to do with the Russians (who do not compete in this competition). With the Americans sending their B-team to the Four Continents, the Japan's A-team is expected to dominate this event. It is plausible that there might be an all-Japanese podium. Season's best scores are typically a good indicator of whom will win this competition.

Season's Best Scores: Satoko Miyahara 214.03 | Kaori Sakamoto 210.59 | Mai Mihara 206.07 | Elizabet Tursynbayeva 200.98

Final Results
🥇Kaori Sakamoto  🥈Mai Mihara  🥉Satoko Miyahara

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