Bitter Rivals

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by true stories

A 12-year-old boy fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. The ER doctor detected no pulse on the child and declared him dead. The boy's family arranged a funeral for him. During the funeral, people heard a knocking sound coming from the coffin. At first, they thought it was a ghost's doing. One man was brave enough to get close to the coffin and determined there was something inside. People opened the coffin and discovered the boy still alive. When his family filed a complaint against the hospital, the chief doctor blamed it on faulty equipment and called for better funding. 


M was a top tennis prospect who had been dominating the junior circuit. However, a rival came onto the scene and robustly challenged M's dominance. The two met 15 times with the rival winning all 15 matches. M became depressed and contemplated quitting the sport. Her father, who was also the coach, decided to intervene to help M recover her confidence. He secretly put a powerful sedative in the rival's drink to increase his daughter's chance of winning. During their match, the rival suddenly collapsed and died from cardiac arrest. The father admitted to being overzealous and offered his condolences. 

Buy friends, win elections

I visited my sister’s house the other day and was introduced to a strange little game. My young nieces were playing a virtual board game. In this game, the player will try to earn as much money as possible so she could buy friends (literally). The more money she has the more friends she could buy. At the end of the game, the player with the most friends is elected president of the game's universe. The idea may sound a little silly, but if you have followed recent elections around the world, this is actually very realistic.

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