In the Blood

Part of the Human Comedy series
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When you visit the profile pages of athletes and celebrities, you generally see information like the person's birthday, birthplace, height and weight. When you visit a Japanese profile page, you will see most of these plus the person's blood type. Indeed, Japanese people really want to know your blood type. Blood types are prominently featured on profile pages as though they are mandatory information. You are frequently asked about your blood type at school, at work and even at social gatherings. 

But why do the Japanese want to know your blood type? 

The Japanese want to know your blood type not because they want to hold a blood drive in the event you get hurt and need a blood transfusion or to play family detective, but because they believe your blood type reveals your personality and prospective talent. For example, a Type-B person could be a good romantic partner but is also predicted to be lazy and irresponsible; Type-0 people could be good at baseball; Type-AB people could be great actors or singers. In Japan, they call it blood personality theory. The upside is that people are empowered to achieve their dreams, given the right blood type. The downside is outright discrimination. 

You love acting but your blood type is not a right fit, so you have to pursue a career as an accountant instead. I can't marry you because our blood types are incompatible.

Although blood discrimination is not a widespread problem in Japan, it probably contributes to school bullying, social alienation and suicide. 

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