Bird's Nest

Part of the Human Comedy series
Inspired by a true story
Bird’s nest is one of Asia’s luxurious delicacies. A top-quality bird’s nest can go for as high as several thousand dollars. But what exactly is bird’s nest? 

Swiftlets use their sticky saliva to construct their nests; the edible nests are sold as bird’s nests. We are basically consuming swiftlets’ yummy saliva when eating this delicacy. There have been no reputable studies on the health benefits of eating bird’s nest, but it has been a favorite of the rich and famous since ancient times and these powerful people would only consume the very best delicacies. 

A media mogul, who was well-known as a regular consumer of bird’s nests, recently accepted an interview with a reporter from a leading food magazine. 

“How long have you consumed bird’s nests?”

“Over 20 years.”

“Has eating bird’s nests made you healthier than without eating them?”

“Not really. I don’t feel much of a difference.”

“Then why do you keep eating it?”

“People like to gift me bird’s nests. I have a warehouse full of them!”

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