Ten Cheers to the New Year

🥇First cheer is for the soldiers --
The heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice
and the living heroes who are steadfast to their duty. 

👶Second cheer is for the new parents -- 
The young mothers who taste bitterness and sweetness of motherhood
And the young fathers who are willing to share their burdens.

📚Third cheer is for the students -- 
The bright ones who lead by achievement
And the diligent ones who lead by example.

🌇Fourth cheer is for the entrepreneurs.
Your creative minds and bold visions move us forward. 
Never lose your dreams. 

🔥Fifth cheer is for the volunteers.
Your unrivaled dedication and passion help change the world. 
Don't let your flames of compassion die.

🚒Sixth cheer is for police officers and firefighters --
Those who diligently maintain the peace 
And those who protect us from fiery destruction.

🏥Seventh cheer is for doctors and nurses.
Your healing touch saves countless lives and brings hope to humanity. 

🎥Eighth cheer is for the entertainers --
The actors who bring joys and tears to their audience 
And the musicians who provide food for the soul.

🌹Ninth cheer is for those who are in love or will be in love. 
May your love blossom and bloom. 

🌼Tenth cheer is for the rest of us --
Young and old, tall and short, lonely and popular, realists and dreamers.

🌴May the New Year bring many more cheers. 

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