Scamming the Scammer

Part of the Human Comedy series
I was a near “victim” of a popular scam the other day. I received a call from a man with an Indian accent who claimed to be from Microsoft’s Windows Tech Support. He said Microsoft server has detected a critical error on my computer and offered to remove it remotely. I have no idea how he got my phone number, since I did not provide a phone number when I registered my Windows copy. 

He instructed me to enter a line of code in the MS Command Prompt. I recognized the Trojan horse scheme right away, but decided to play a little with him. I told him to provide a reference number and his name. The fraudster appeared to be caught off guard by my “request”, but proceeded to provide me something that resembles more of an international phone number than a reference number. He also used an American name, even though I was 100% sure he was a man of Indian descent. Our conversation ended after I told him I know people who work for Microsoft and will contact them directly about my computer’s purportedly problems. I even said that I will commend him with Microsoft for doing a good job. I believe he got my message and won’t be calling me again.

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