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A country's most important holidays are usually ones of cultural or historical significance. Christmas is a cultural and religious holiday. Independence Day is a commemorative holiday. This rule applies to most countries except for North Korea. The most important holidays in the hermit kingdom are generally related to "Dear Leader" Kim Jong-un and his family. Among North Korea's major holidays are Kang Pan-sok's Birthday (the great grandmother of the current leader), Kim Il-sung’s Birthday (the grandfather of the current leader), Kim Jong-suk’s Day (the grandmother of the current leader) and Kim Jong-il’s Birthday (the father of the current leader). Kim Jong-un's mother was only a consort and thus missed out on having a holiday named after her. 

When Kim Jong-il was still alive and in power, his birthday was already a public holiday in North Korea. However, the current leader is still in his twenties and will have to wait a few more years before he could have his own holiday like his father. When it happens, he will be the only active world leader (excluding monarchs) to have his own holiday. Not even Raul Castro or Robert Mugabe could claim parity.

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