Facts about St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas (also known as Saint Nick) is a revered figure in the Catholic and Orthodox churches. According to Christian traditions, the popular saint was the Bishop of Myra (now in modern Turkey). St Nicholas was famous for his gift giving and affable deeds, which made him well-liked by the faithful. He is the designated patron saint of various groups and places across the world. Below are some more fun facts about St. Nicholas.

1. Who is St. Nicholas?
A: He is a historical figure, venerated by Christians around the world. Nicholas is especially revered in Eastern Orthodox churches. In fact, St. Nicholas is one of the patron saints of Russia. 

2. What is St. Nicholas Day?
A: This is a day established to honor St. Nicholas. The universal feast date is December 6 on the Christian calendar. The occasion is one of high importance in Eastern Europe, where the saint is very popular. 

3. How is St. Nicholas Day celebrated?
A: As St. Nicholas was known for his love of children, various children festivals are held in his honor. Moreover, children who have been behaving well are given small gifts and candy by people who pretend to be St. Nicholas. This is in keeping with a tradition that was purportedly started by the saint himself. 

4. How is St. Nicholas generally depicted in art?
A: He is mostly shown in his bishop robes, with either a staff or a scripture book or both. He is often depicted as standing next to a group of young children, holding a bag of gifts. 

5. Is St. Nicholas related to Santa Claus?
A: Some have speculated that Santa Claus is a derived version of Saint Nick, but there is not enough concrete evidence to prove either way. 

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