Chess Nuts

Part of the Human Comedy series
I used to date this one girl whose father was a chess aficionado. He asked me to play with him every time I came to the girl’s house. Unfortunately, the guy was terrible at playing chess and he DIDN'T seem to know that. To keep him happy, I let him win every time. Sadly, the guy was not a gracious winner. He liked to brag about his victories and verbally harass me. He would say something like:

"Young people nowadays have no skill. I was much sharper when I was your age."
"You're so pathetic at chess! Want me to give you a handicap?"
"My daughter's last boyfriend was so much better than you. He at least won a couple of games."
"Do you want me to go easy on you?"
"I once won a chess tournament. It was no contest really."

One day, I was so fed up with his antics that I decided to teach him a lesson by absolutely crushing him in chess. Well, the guy apparently was not a gracious loser either. He called me a lucky bastard and knocked the board and the chess pieces onto the floor. At that moment, I decided I had had enough. I walked out of that house and never returned. I guess I did not like his daughter as much as I thought.

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