Bachelor for Life

Throughout its long history, China has always been a male-dominated society. Since men are considered the “flag bearers” of a typical Chinese family, male infants are highly favored over female infants. After the Chinese government put in place a policy that limited a family to one child, many female infants have been mistreated, abandoned and even killed to make room for male infants. This is a well-established fact.

As a result of the policy, there are now substantially more men than women in China. The good news is that a below-average-looking Chinese lady can find a handsome and well-off gentleman to be her spouse. The bad news is that many men will never be able to get married. Things have gotten so desperate that Chinese men are increasingly looking outside the country for a bride; they are willing to pay large sums of money. Consequently, matchmaking agencies are popping up like wildfire in China. These agencies are actively recruiting girls from other Asian countries to become Chinese brides.

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