Trivia - Animals

Test your knowledge of animals with this fun but challenging trivia quiz. Answers can be found at the end of the quiz. How many animals did you name correctly?
1. Native to western China, this animal's main diet is bamboo. 

2. Part of the cat family, this animal is the fastest land animal with a speed that could reach as high as 70 miles per hour. 

3. Revered as a mythical bird in Japan and other East Asian countries, this elegant feathered creature has inspired countless paintings, poems and traditional dances. 

4. Primarily found in India, this animal is considered the rarest of all tigers. It can be identified by its unique fur color. 

5. This marine mammal is the largest and heaviest of all animals. 

6. Featured as a character on two cartoon shows Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (being chased by the Coyote), this speedy animal was the mascot of Time Warner's broadband Internet service. Its natural habitat is desert or dry region. 

7. This animal is known for its incredibly long life. On average, it could live to 100 years old. 

8. Although it could not fly, this animal of the bird family is a terrific swimmer and can endure extremely low temperatures. 

9. This giant lizard -- the largest of its family -- is primarily found in the Indonesian islands. They are natural carnivores preying on both dead and living animals. 

10. This African animal is of the horse family and can easily be identified by its distinctive black and white stripes. 

11. In North America, this animal is (mistakenly) called a buffalo. It is known by another name elsewhere. 

12. This bird has the unique ability to mimic human speech, albeit mostly single words or short phrases. Its natural habitat is in tropical regions. 

Master - 12 correct answers
Expert - 10 to 11 correct answers
Intermediate - 7 to 9 correct
Beginner - 4 to 6 correct
Novice - Less than 4 correct

Answer Key:
1) Giant panda 2) Cheetah 3) Crane 4) White tiger 5) Blue whale 6) Roadrunner 7) Box turtle 8) Penguin 9) Komodo dragon 10) Zebra 11) Bison 12) Parrot

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