Man's Best Meal

If you thought dog-fighting is cruel, here's something that will definitely make you cringe. Eating dog’s meat is one of Korea's most valued traditions. There are other countries that also allow dogs to be killed for their meat, but the practice is more widespread in South Korea. In fact, cooked dog’s meat is one of Korea’s national dishes. Many Koreans raise dogs, in the so-called dog farms, for the sole purpose of slaughtering them for their meat. You can actually enter a restaurant in S. Korea right now and order a platter of cooked dog’s meat for dinner.

Despite repeated protests from international groups, this practice continues to thrive in the Land of the Morning Calm. Several polls have found that some South Koreans would rather have their government, severing diplomatic ties with any foreign governments that oppose them slaughtering dogs for food, than to give up this deeply rooted tradition.

I wonder how Mr. Obama would react if he is offered a dish of spicy cooked dog’s meat.

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