Korean Hanbok

Part of the Traditional Dress series

The Hanbok (also known as Choson-ot) is the traditional dress of Korea, dated way back to the first century. The dress is famous for its ornate design and bold colors. The Hanbok is worn by both male and female; the male version is significantly simpler in its design and is unicolored. Key accessories include elaborate wig/gache (for women) and hat (for men). Note that the size of the wig signals a woman's social status; the bigger the wig the higher her position in society. 

The Hanbok is considered outdated for common use, but people still wear it for formal and ceremonial occasions. In an attempt to revive the Hanbok as an every day’s garment, South Korea's Ministry of Culture established Hanbok Day in 1996 to encourage its citizens to wear the traditional dress. Moreover, several popular South Korean dramas have shown the use of Hanbok in home.

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